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West lake longjing tea in China top 10 tea, it takes “the color green, sweet yu, taste Kennedy and form beauty” four away is famous in the world. West lake longjing tea has 1200 years of history, the tang dynasty chaking lu of the lantian existing records. The qing dynasty emperor qianlong, when you were under seal jiangnan mountain lion peak eighteen longjing tea tree for “royal tea”. The song dynasty poet su dongpo in longjing lion mountain peak shall leave “old longjing” script.

Chairman MAO zedong favorites drink <a href=”http://chinese tea“>chinese tea, before early 1960s, once successively second place at the west lake longjing tea, picking, personally made the tea in dry tea steeps with HuPao after a cup of water,

Chairman edge taste edge praised way: “HuPao blisters longjing tea, in order to take” the permanent memorial by the relevant aspects of chairman MAO, approval, chairman MAO when the longjing tea tree, picking on the company already transplanting garden, and by former secretary of zhejiang province, the supreme people’s court, JiangHua comrades write inscriptions, built for tourists visiting pavilion made flesh shall see it together.
Beloved premier zhou very concerned about west lake longjing tea production, once successively five times to visit, deng xiaoping inspected township longjing tea, zhu DE, Chen yun and Chen yi, ye jianying etc older before the party and state leaders are very love to drink west lake longjing tea, also has repeatedly visited west lake longjing tea township.
West lake longjing tea enjoys a high reputation in the world, general secretary jiang zemin, just had accompanied British queen Elizabeth ii tasted “tribute” brand west lake longjing tea. Li peng, premier zhu rongji, QiaoShi, employer branding management and other party and state leaders have repeatedly accompanied foreign leaders visit to hangzhou, longjing tea village is the land will swim. Nixon and kissinger, Kim il sung, etc to hangzhou foreign leaders also have tasted west lake longjing tea, west lake longjing tea is China’s state activities of the precious gift friendly heads of state and gifts.

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